Google Trends: A Keyword Tool That Creates Money For You

Google Trends: A Keyword Tool That Creates Money For You

It may seem like an eternity to search for the perfect niche. You feel sad and disillusioned, so you decide to quit the online platform.

This article was found by you because you decided to explore the last bit. You can call it luck, providence, or whatever you like. But I want you to know that it is possible to MAKE MONEY online.

How did I find out about Google Trend Blogging

A blog I found that made my internet fortune forever led me to make incremental hits on my blog. It was called “Google Trend and How to Make it as a Full-Time Blogger

After reading the post, I decided to go back and see if it was true. It was true.

The Step-by-step method below will help you maximize the money-making opportunities in Google trend for a Nigerian or British citizen, American, Canadian, or Canadian.

1: Insert Google Trend in your Systems Browser Window

2. Hot Topics to Watch:

Look for topics that appear more than once, or maybe related.

As the basis for your research, take note of the keyword in the hot topics.

3. You can find the topics here

Choose the hot topics you’re passionate about. This is because passion shows in your writing.

4. Do a Research

Once you have chosen your topic, you can now sit down and research the keywords that you chose in step 2. Take a look at websites and blogs that mention the keyword phrase, and make a list. This will help you make your research more interesting.

If it’s a scandal involving a celebrity, you might try to find information about the person from when they were younger. This information can be included in your research book.

5. Write Your Article

After you have done quality research, the next step is to write an article. Make sure your keywords are included in the body. You must ensure that your keyword is not spammed. You should make sure that the information you collect contains unique content. My definition of unique is that you should write a blog post that contains information that the majority of websites do not provide.

Let’s take a look at the paragraph before, where I spoke about a celebrity scandal. In such a situation, most articles would only contain information about the scandal. Interesting information about the person who was involved in the scandal is a great way to make your content stand out.

6. Add links to the relevant post

If your site is new, inserting links to relevant posts can help you rank higher on the search engine. Simply copy the text you wish to insert on the Microsoft Word Interface. Then, right-click. The hyperlink-select option will appear. Simply select the address you wish to insert and click OK.

7. Share your post:

You have many options for sharing your post on social media. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo. These platforms can be used to share your posts, which will increase your traffic.

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