How To Get Great Market Research For Your App Idea

How To Get Great Market Research For Your App Idea

So you’ve got it! This app is amazing and involves flying birds. To get to safety, you will need some pipes. This is a great idea that will make people rush to the app store to get your creation. The big boys will love you and be curious about how it happened. Wait, there is already a Flappy Bird App that was, up until recently, extremely successful.

What now? If you did some research, this wouldn’t have happened. It’s not hard to imagine that the mere mention of “research” can make you feel dreadful and bored. But, if you don’t do solid research, you could end up with a lot of wasted time and even money.

Let me show you how to quickly assess the market for your app.

Broad vs. Micro Niche

The first thing you need to do is determine who your app’s audience is. It is important to identify and target a specific group or niche. You can target a market in two ways. There are two options for targeting a market: broad or micro. You can target a wide market or a narrow niche.

The Micro-Niche Market

Although a micro-niche market is small in size, it can provide highly targeted traffic that may lead to high conversion rates. These apps can be used to target lawyers, doctors, and owners of fitness clubs, among others. You can pre-validate your idea by having a defined audience.

Steps To Validate Your App Idea

You can validate your app idea by talking to business owners in your industry about their problems. Ask them what they would pay for to solve their problems. This will allow you to identify your customer and their needs so that your idea can be tailored to them.

You can also leverage the pre-validation process by reaching out to opinion leaders and bloggers in your niche to find out what they think about the app idea. They may be open to testing it when it is developed. This will allow you to establish a direct connection with your potential users.

The Broad Niche Market

If you are looking to target a larger market, it is important to consider the entire app ecosystem. To find the most trendy segments, you should start by researching the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

How do you identify trends in the App Store?

Go to the App Charts section in the App Store. The charts can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad. Remember that your App Store app on your iPhone and iTunes will display the App Store for the country you are connected to. The App Store for each country will display patterns that are specific to their area. The iTunes Store allows you to change the country. Scroll down to the bottom left corner and click on the “Edit” button. You can then change the country by clicking the flag you choose.

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Keep in mind that App Charts are constantly changing and experts recommend regularly monitoring this area as you research your app idea.

The Top Grossing Charts section is a good place to start. You will see which apps and genres are most successful. Important to remember that the top-ranked charts generate their revenue via in-app purchases.

The Top Paid Charts section is another area that will show you revenue-generating apps. Don’t forget about the Top Paid Charts section. This will show you the top free apps that have the highest number of downloads. Paying apps get 10x more downloads than free apps.

How To Follow App Trends Other Than the App Store

Google Trends can be used to determine which keywords are most popular worldwide. You should monitor both the rising and most popular search terms.

Google Trends allows you to set different parameters that will help you focus your efforts. You should set a shorter timeframe than 12 months to ensure you get the best results. You can also choose the categories that will generate the most search terms for your category.


Google Trends typically only displays the top 10 results. You can download the CSV file to view a larger list.

Google Keyword Tool is another tool that you should use. You can input your search terms to this tool and get the volume of searches per month as well as a suggestion of related searches.


Go to the “Advanced Options and Filters tab to do a deeper dive into your results. Set it to show you results that are related to mobile devices using full internet browsers”, and then change the match type to “exact matches”. This will give you very precise results about how people search on their phones.

For more detailed manuals and advice about this topic, please see Hogs Back iTECH.

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