What Are the Types of Chainmaille Weaves Used in Jewelry Making?

Chainmaille jewelry, an ancient craft originally used for armor, has now transitioned into a modern-day trend. This jewel-making technique involves interlinking metal rings in a specific pattern to create an intricate and detailed piece.

Chainmaille Weaves Types Used in Jewelry Making

There are several types of chainmaille weaves used in jewelry making. Being aware of these various designs helps to enhance the artistry and creativity involved in the craft. Here are some of the most commonly used chain maille weaves:

1. Box Weave

The box weave, also known as the queen’s chain, is a foundational pattern that forms a series of interlocking square units. It creates a clean and structured look, making it ideal for crafting bracelets and necklaces. Its simplicity allows for variations in materials and colors, adding versatility to the design.

2. Byzantine Weave

The Byzantine weave, known for its intricate and elegant appearance, is characterized by its dense and closely woven pattern. It creates a visually striking design that is often used in the creation of elaborate and sophisticated necklaces and bracelets. The intricacy of this weave adds a touch of timeless elegance to any jewelry piece.

3. European 4-In-1 Weave

This classic and widely recognized weave is one of the most versatile patterns in chain maille artistry. The European 4-in-1 weave links four rings through a central ring, forming a dense, interwoven pattern. Its flexibility and adaptability allow for the creation of diverse shapes and sizes, making it a popular choice for crafting various jewelry pieces, from simple to complex designs.

4. Japanese 2-in-1 Weave

The Japanese 2-in-1 weave, also known as the parallel weave, is characterized by its open and airy structure, resulting in a lightweight and delicate design. It is often used in creating sophisticated earrings and necklaces, adding a touch of simplicity and grace to the jewelry piece. The minimalist yet effective design of this weave appeals to those seeking a subtle yet refined look.

5. Full Persian Weave

The full Persian weave is known for its intricate and dense pattern, created by linking multiple rings in a consistent and flowing manner. This weave results in a flexible and textured design that is often used in creating visually dynamic and robust bracelets and necklaces.

6. Half-Persian Weave

Like the full Persian weave, the half-Persian weave is a simpler version characterized by a single layer of interwoven rings. It creates a sleek and streamlined pattern commonly used in creating lightweight and stylish bracelets and necklaces with a contemporary appeal.

Finding The Best Places For Chainmaille Materials

Finding reliable sources for chainmaille materials is crucial for ensuring the quality and success of your projects. Here are some key factors to consider when looking for the best places to obtain chain maille supplies:

  • Specialized Craft Stores: Look for specialized craft stores that cater specifically to jewelry making or metalworking. These stores often carry a diverse selection of jump rings in various materials, sizes, and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect supplies for your chainmaille projects.
  • Online Retailers and Marketplaces: Online platforms provide various options for purchasing chain maille materials. Websites dedicated to craft supplies or larger online marketplaces often offer a comprehensive selection of jump rings and other necessary materials. Ensure you read customer reviews and check the seller’s credibility before purchasing.
  • Local Artisan Markets and Fairs: Artisan markets and fairs can be excellent sources for unique and high-quality chain maille materials. Connecting with artisans directly can provide valuable insights into their crafting techniques and the quality of their supplies.
  • Metal Suppliers and Fabricators: Metal suppliers and fabricators may offer a broader selection of raw materials, allowing you to customize the size, gauge, and material of your jump rings for more specialized projects. Establishing a relationship with a reliable metal supplier can provide you access to a consistent and high-quality source of chain maille materials.
  • Online Communities and Forums: Engaging with online communities and forums dedicated to chainmaille crafting can provide valuable recommendations and insights into the best places to source materials. These platforms often host discussions on reliable suppliers and share experiences related to the quality and usability of various materials.

For bulk buyers and professional jewelry makers, finding chainmaille supplies wholesale can be a more cost-effective solution.

Importance of Choosing the Right Jump Rings

The importance of selecting the appropriate jump rings for a chainmaille project cannot be overstated. Here’s a closer look at why choosing the right jump rings is crucial:

  • Integrity and Durability: Opting for high-quality jump rings ensures the structural integrity and durability of the chain maille piece. Rings of superior quality are less likely to deform or come undone, ensuring the longevity of the finished product.
  • Size and Proportion: Selecting the right size and proportion of jump rings is essential for achieving the desired aesthetic and functionality of the chainmaille design. Rings that are too small or too large may disrupt the overall pattern and compromise the visual appeal of the piece.
  • Material Properties: Different materials offer various properties, such as weight, durability, and appearance. Choosing the appropriate material for the jump rings ensures that the final product aligns with the intended design and purpose. Aluminum chainmail rings, for instance, are lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and easy to work with, making them a popular choice among many chain maille jewelers.
  • Ease of Use: Opting for jump rings that are easy to work with can significantly streamline the crafting process. Certain materials, like aluminum, are known for their malleability and user-friendly properties, making them ideal for both beginners and experienced artisans alike.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Considering the cost-effectiveness of the jump rings is essential, especially for larger projects or when working with limited budgets. Selecting rings that offer the right balance between quality and affordability can help maintain the project’s overall cost without compromising on the final result.


Chainmaille is an art of weaving that has stood the test of time, evolving from warrior armor to a well-loved kind of jewelry. Different types of chain maille weaves, complemented by quality materials and proper techniques, have the potential to create captivating, stunning pieces of jewelry appreciated by connoisseurs all over the world. So, why wait? Dive into the world of chainmaille jewelry making and discover a new passion or a profitable business endeavor.